Why Buy an Adjustable Healing Bed™?

The bed industry hasn't changed in over a 100 years.

Believe it or not, we never wanted to make adjustable beds, but because there are so many people having trouble sleeping, and there were so many bad adjustable beds out there, we had to get involved.

An Adjustable Bed by Yale, Standford & Princeton Doctors.

Our Story,

We spent years at our chiropractic office, seeing patients suffer from all kinds of pain--from minor shoulder pain to severe lower back pain and to pain that spread throughout the entire body. After 36 years of practice, there isn't much we haven't seen. Because of the high number of people that suffered, we figured there had to be a solution. We spent years waiting for someone to invent an adjustable bed that we could recommend to all of our patients to help them ease pain, correct posture, and heal them quickly while they slept. After decades of waiting, we got tired and decided it was time to make an adjustable bed of our own.

We spent the last 9 years trying to develop an adjustable bed that could help solve many of the problems our patients had on a daily basis; an adjustable bed that could help you sleep better, improve your blood pressure, strengthen your digestive system, and help you heal every night.

The Perfect Adjustable Bed , the Healing Bed™

185 Things That Make Healing Bed™ the Best Bed in the History of Sleep


Healing Bed™ is the only bed company in the world that’s backed by 26 Princeton, Yale, and Stanford doctors. Who would you trust? A person without degree? Or a company that's backed by over 26 doctors.


What is some of the softest material on earth? Sheep foam! Healing Bed™ has worked tirelessly with its engineers to make sure their mattress feel softer than sheep foam - allowing it to earn its name - the Sheep Foam Mattress! With 3 luxurious, plushy layers, you will get to experience the ultimate taste of sleep.

3 Its Engineers have designed The world's first 15 inch mattress

Healing Bed™ is the first company to design a 15 inch mattress, meaning users will get to experience the most relaxing sleep of their life. Whether it's pushing the boundaries on mattress thickness or recreating the soft plushness of sheep foam, you can bet that Healing Bed is at the forefront of innovation.

4 They have a (kind of insane) 125 day return policy

Most bed companies offer a 100 day return policy, but Healing Bed™ is not like most companies. They offer a 125 day return policy -- over 3 months! -- so customers can try out the bed for themselves and make sure it's a perfect fit. It's really that easy.

5 Healing Bed's Sleep specialists are available 18 hours a day

Healing Bed™ is notorious for doing whatever it takes to make their customers happy. Healing Bed™ is the ONLY company that's open 7 days a week, 18 hours a day, even on holidays like Christmas and New Years. The company is only closed 5 hours every day. While other companies are asleep, Healing Bed is always open, working hard to help you with whatever you need.

185 Reasons to Try The Healing Bed


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